Impact HUB, B Corporation and a Presentation about Rent Cars

Lecture The Era of Impact and a Presentation about Aliança Empreendedora
Typologies and ecosystem of social enterprises in Europe and PUCPR’s innovation ecosystem

The event was opened with a brief introduction by Rulian Maftum from Impact HUB. Then, the participants were invited to reflect and share their thoughts about the Sustainable Development Goals – ‘’which SDGs would you like to contribute to?’’ Based on the inputs collected, he presented the Impact HUB that was launched in order to promote all of them and form connections between different people sharing the same purpose, promoting an ecosystem for change. The organization is an international franchise, developing in some locations around the world in a coworking format to exchange experiences.

Marcos Schwartz briefly introduced himself and presented the startup acceleration program and the impacts of the pandemic on co-working. For him, the human being is composed of the physical, mental, values and social aspects, the latter being left behind at the moment due to the home office. He argues that co-working brings the social side and helps in the creation of synapses, in the emergence of new ideas through the sharing of knowledge.

Both guests reinforce the idea that it is possible to undertake (at a profit) causing a positive impact on the planet. Climathon was presented, a program that encourages entrepreneurs in the search for solutions on the issue of global climate – related to SDG 17. Rulian also explores the issue of intrapreneurship, a bias for entrepreneurs, showing that large corporations need innovations within their environment too, and that more and more companies are reflecting on their impact on the world. The students were invited to share their opinion on which SDGs are the most important and the majority indicated 4, related to education.

The lecturers from Impact HUB finished their presentation by explaining the B Corporation in Brazil – companies seek to reconsider other things than profit, establishing an institutional commitment independent of their management, that is, balancing purpose and profit.

After the break, Luciana Sálvaro introduces Rentcars – a company that started in Curitiba, with 3 people, and now reaches the global scale. During her presentation, she reinforces the issue of excellence in customer satisfaction, local impact, social actions and actions among employees, characterising Rentcars with a corporate culture geared towards excellence and, therefore, inserted within B Corporation. She also shows to the class a virtual tour of the Rentcars headquarters in Curitiba, exposing the concern for the well-being of employees.