Lecture The Era of Impact and a Presentation about Aliança Empreendedora

“Business Journey with a Purpose” in Brazil Begins
Impact HUB, B Corporation and a Presentation about Rent Cars

The event was opened with an introduction of the guests from Instituto Legado – James Marins, Ágatha Rocha and Daniela Nunes. Prof. James talked about the important role which the Legacy Institute plays in disseminating knowledge and changing the attitudes and behaviour with a social impact on the young generation.

Then, Ágatha Rocha and Daniela Nunes introduced themselves and presented the Projects Legacy, Legado Semente and the Black Women Who Transform.

Prof. James began his lecture “The Age of Impact” introducing the concepts of Local Time vs Evolutionary Time, Massive Transformation Movement, us vs us all. A series of graphs with the title ‘’ the best opportunity for humanity ’’ followed, presenting the information about an exponential growth curve in relation to the last few years. As a conclusion, he explained the concept of Impact Economy and 4 factors connected with it. The last 10 minutes were devoted to questions.

After the break, Lina Jaramillo from Aliança Empreendedora introduced herself. Lina talked about the history of the Alliance, which emerged from the Entrepreneurs of Dreams Project, with the aim of supporting micro-entrepreneurs in low-income communities. She pointed out that many entrepreneurs in these communities did not identify themselves as such, so the Aliança acts first by empowering, and then by training and connecting these micro-entrepreneurs.

Lina shared the statistics that, in Brazil, 99% of the companies are micro and small, and 70% of the entrepreneurs are from classes C, D and E. This data contrasts with the stereotype about predominance of large companies, which in reality represent only 1% in the Brazilian scenario. She also explained to the students the importance of networking, training facilitators in other organisations.