“Business Journey with a Purpose” in Brazil Begins

The Final Training Session of “Youth with a Mission” Initiative Took Place
Lecture The Era of Impact and a Presentation about Aliança Empreendedora

The first event started with an overview of the course, followed by the presentation of Prof. Mari Regina.

At the beginning, Professor Mari asked the participants to introduce themselves by sharing their names, course, year of study and age to get to know them better. One of the issues pointed out as objectives to be developed during the Journey is self-knowledge, leading students to reflect on themselves through a Docs entitled ‘’getting to know colleagues better’’. In this document, the participants inserted their name, something they liked and a talent they have.
The next activity was carried out through the website menti.com, with the theme ‘‘how am I getting to the Journey? ’’ (The results can be seen on the screenshot below). Then, the lecturer presented what SE-HUB is and went on explaining the logbook, material that students must deliver at the end of the Journey with reflections from each meeting.

Prof. Mari organised a reflection session on ‘’what does this Journey mean to me?’’ with attention on the self-knowledge, building and making choices.

For the last activity held at the meeting, the participants were split into groups (10) and answered 5 questions about the Documentary ‘’Purpose’’. The responses were prepared in small groups and sent via menti.com to the large group, where the teacher asked students to present the results of the group discussions.