Presentation about Locavorista and Reflections on the Learning Journey Outcomes

Presentations about Ação Social para Igualdade das Diferenças (ASID) and Social Good Brasil

Luiz Mileck (Co-founder Locavorista) opened the meeting telling about his academic and professional career, and how it is connected with his business with purpose, the Locavorista. He told the students that, at the beginning of his career, he did not want to start a company. Then he discovered that he wanted to undertake something, even though he did not know exactly what. He joined Renault as a trainee and had his first experience with purpose when dealing with factory waste. During the meeting he shared a phrase that moved him ‘’Do you work to get to the weekend or do you work to change the world?’’, making connections with the search for a purpose in his professional life. He introduced students to one of his projects, the Food Collective, which basically consisted of a laboratory of gastronomic ideas with creations with purpose, testing new things and questioning how gastronomy is presented nowadays.

Luiz completed a course on social entrepreneurship from Instituto Legado. Then, he found Locavorista as a way of maintaining the experimentation of the Food Collective but in a more concrete way, establishing a business model based on the valorization of the small producer. The term ‘‘locavorist’’ refers to the habit of consuming local products, so the name of the organization refers to the appreciation of Paraná’s culture, opening doors for local producers with a systemic purpose. The Locavorista’s business concept is based on the new economy, innovation and concern for a purpose, as well as a collaborative economy, where companies cooperate with each other.

After the break, Prof. Mari begins the closing of the Journey by doing a retrospective of the meetings, presenting sectors 2, 2.5 and 3, relating them to the organizations invited during the Learning Journey and the ecocentric awareness presented along the meetings. Business Journey with Purpose came about as an activity that sought to show a new field on the rise, bringing a reflection on the search of organizations for a purpose and a new look at organizations with and without profit.