Typologies and ecosystem of social enterprises in Europe and PUCPR’s innovation ecosystem

Impact HUB, B Corporation and a Presentation about Rent Cars
Presentations about Ação Social para Igualdade das Diferenças (ASID) and Social Good Brasil

Tzvetalina Genova (Chairperson of the Managing Board of the International Management Institute and General Coordinator of the SE-HUB Project) briefly introduced herself and then told a little more about Varna University of Managemtn in Bulgaria. The lecture “Typologies and ecosystem of social enterprises in Europe” began pointing out the differentiation between the European Union and European countries, as well as the reasons and value of social entrepreneurship. She explains that, despite what many people think, the European Union does not have countries that are equally economically developed. The current European view considers that the social economy is an economy that works for people.

She talked about the themes of social enterprise ecosystems and the potential of the social enterprises to fight the crisis, too.

After the break, the second lecturer Marcelo Finger presented the Hotmilk PUCPR and its 6 fields of operation. The first one is the structure composed of well-equipped environments that become a tangible aspect of innovation, connected to each other in the state of Paraná. The second is the University, and Hotmilk supports it in projects, including Pibep. The third field in which Hotmilk operates is the acceleration and incubation of startups. The fourth is support for companies, that need help to generate innovation within the environment already consolidated by them, characterizing what Marcelo defined as open innovation. The fifth is research carried out within the academic environment – they are usually master’s theses, doctorates without application, and what Hotmilk seeks is to encourage their application. The final field is work with the local community. Hotmilk organises events tackling popular for the general community issues, which are open for everyone interested and free of charge.

Marcelo also exposes a little about the organizational culture of Hotmilk, established horizontally, and to end his speech, he shows to the students a video containing feedbacks about one of the programs carried out with startups, all very positive.